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Polson school board considers agreement Anavar Que Es to bring superintendent's exit

POLSON Polson School Superintendent David Whitesell could be out the door, on his own accord, by Wednesday evening. at the District 23 office building to consider the terms of a voluntary resolution agreement that, if approved, would have Whitesell submitting his resignation on the spot. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the district on Feb. 24, alleging he has been discriminated against because he is Native American. The complaint identified "buy cheap jintropin online" trustee Nancy Lindsey as having allegedly made remarks of a racial nature about Whitesell.It also calls for trustee Bob Ricketts to withdraw "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" his request for a police investigation into "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" lost documents that Ricketts alleged Whitesell had destroyed.Whitesell signed the resolution agreement Monday.The superintendent, who was hired in 2009 to replace Sue McCormick, has been at the center of several controversies during his 2 1/2 year tenure.In his first year, his yard was vandalized after Whitesell proposed administrative moves that were unpopular with several people. Police reported that someone had placed real estate signs with "Go home" and "Go back" written on them in Whitesell's yard.Last year, the superintendent accused the Lake County treasurer of illegally handling school district funds, which brought about a request for a public apology from Lake County commissioners."(A) professional person does not make baseless allegations in a public forum," the commissioners wrote to Whitesell. "It takes away all the public trust to make unfounded statements."At the time, Whitesell told the Lake County Leader that he stood by his Equipoise Ethics statements.Cox turned the letter over to board attorney Michael Dahlem, and the Lake County Leader reported Cox told the board last month that "Mr. Dahlem felt that Mr. Whitesell made some very libelous accusations against me."Last month, trustee and former chairwoman Theresa Taylor resigned from the school board after 12 years, saying the board had become compromised in its ability to function."During the last several months I have witnessed or been advised of actions taken by some of my fellow trustees that I have found questionable," Taylor wrote in her resignation letter. "During recent weeks those actions, in my opinion, have gone from questionable to unethical to now potentially criminal."She could not, she said, "in good or legal conscience continue to be perceived as a participant in these activities," and ended with, "I hope soon the Board can somehow recover from its current dysfunction to once again become an entity that serves the students of this District."This month, two Polson parents who believe the administration and school board are spending too much time on issues other than providing a quality education took an unusual step.Mark and Lori Russell publicly announced they would refuse to allow their children to participate in Criterion Reference Testing to protest what they saw as a lack of support and resources from the administration and school board for the Comprar Levitra educational needs of the district's students.The district's funding is based on student participation in the tests, and it has ramifications for complying with the No Child Left Behind Act."In review of the agendas of the Polson School Board we have discovered a serious absence of items reflecting their mission of educating children," the Russells wrote in an open letter to other parents in the district. "When the Polson School Anavar Beginner Cycle District provides the teachers with the support and resources needed to educate each child in the district, we will provide our children to be tested."Mark Russell said Tuesday that they had held their middle school aged son out of his testing earlier this month.But he said that following a productive meeting with Whitesell last week, he and his wife were allowing their fourth grade son to take his tests this week.Russell said a large group of parents has been upset by bullying and violence they say is taking place in Linderman School, which educates second through fourth graders.Russell said the two hour meeting with Whitesell was "very productive," and "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" focused on solutions, not the complaints.If the board approves the voluntary resolution agreement Wednesday night, of course, Whitesell will not be around to see them through.Among its 15 provisions is that in addition to the $120,000, Whitesell will be paid through March 20, and that all his accumulated sick and vacation leave will also be paid.